5 Ways Simplicity Boosts Your Business

5 Ways Simplicity Boosts Your Business


Simplicity is the answer to every complex question in the world. The now-well known Occam’s Razor principle––that statements or arguments with the fewest assumptions (i.e., the simplest ones!)––has not only powerfully reasoned its way into the field of marketing, but also has much insight to offer in many other facets of business. We should remember and apply it.

Before proceeding further, let’s take a quick glance at the statistics:

  • 62% of employees who maintain simple profiles are real brand pushers
  • 64% of customers pay more if they have simpler buying experiences
  • 61% of consumers recommend a brand if they provide simpler experiences and straightforward and clear communication

Here are 5 comprehensive reasons that help to explain those numbers, and that provide the “why” in our decision to opt for simplicity.

Simplicity Establishes Trust

Marketers today understand the fact that gaining and maintaining the trust of their customers is of paramount importance. To be authentic and informative for customers is to make things simple. Conveying relevant product information to people and focusing on building trust with them are both dependent on your ability to “fit” into the day-to-day lives of said people. This means that brands that can simplify the decision-making process for customers can also gain trust more easily.

Simplicity Eases Comparison and Relatability

Not only should simplicity help the act of comparing the same products in different ranges become easier for customers, but it should also allow the customers to relate to the brand––and to buy it for their specific needs. As a marketer, you should be able to equip your customers with tools of comparison and the most relevant product features in a very straightforward way. This way you can ensure that your potential customers have the liberty to follow you without any second thoughts or guesses.

Simplicity Helps You Sell with Conviction

Simplicity delivers value for your business at every stage. By ensuring that you remain simple enough to be approached and understood by customers, your USP will receive an upswing. Always remember that your business soars higher when your customers understand what you stand for in the highly saturated market.  When your sale and working ethos are clear to your target audience, you have an impact that can stay ingrained in the mind of that group. And when you are successful in making room for yourself in the consumer psyche, you can sell with conviction and authority.

Simplicity Creates a Loyal Customer Base

Understanding your customer needs and providing ready solutions that can be utilized simply always pays in the long run. Customers always opt for such product/services where they can do so, without any motivation to decipher some ancient rune. This is to say that you get a loyal customer base when you are loud and clear about the basics: what you provide and in what manner.

Simplicity Makes Your Image Credible

Brand imaging is not limited to big banner marketing or killer advertising tactics. It includes your ability to place yourself in the shoes of your customers. Brands who make it simple for their customer to find them online and that can communicate effectively, make it easy for people to purchase a product on any platform––thus adding to your credibility in an organic way. You can’t manufacture that credibility!

All Hail Simplicity.


Written by Harsimran Kaur

Simplicity: What Every Business Talks About And Few Achieve

Simplicity: What Every Business Talks About

And Few Achieve…


According to the Global Brand Simplicity Index Report 2017, 64% of customers opt for a “simple” customer experience. It should seem obvious that people today prefer those companies or products that can help them with their decision making process. Also, with the IoT, more and more aspects of a business may appear simple, yet may really be nuanced, and subtly complex.

In order to keep up with the pace of constant technological innovations, many companies tend to follow complicated paths. This, in turn may not prove useful, mostly for two reasons. First, today’s customers already face the ‘paradox of choice’––consumers are more and more overwhelmed with choices daily. Second, they don’t welcome intruding or pushy messages, contrary to what advertisers seem to think; plain buying––not  plain selling––is becoming the norm this century.


Embracing simplicity actually pays in the long run


When your message is coming through clearly––when your message itself is clear––you’ve already won half the battle. Then comes understanding the needs of the customer.

Speaking in the language that customers speak in, is what, really and truly, drives sales. Bragging about your brand and touting your own superiority is, plainly put, passé. And this fact is not going to change; because your business will always need a human approach, even in light of so much technological innovation and research-laden ad copy––numbers and statistics all the time aren’t viable on their own. Your business should embrace simplicity because effectuating a strong enough impact with a clear message can, and should, solidify your consumer base. Let’s look at an easy example.

Company A focuses on its products and offers extensively. Company B helps its customers know how their product will fit into their everyday lives by speaking in the language the customer uses––things like how much space it might take up, how to use it more effectively, and why choosing it won’t be a burden but an asset, all qualify. Clearly, Company B gets a higher score, and will win customer satisfaction without as much effort as Customer A’s product-purveyors, because B is customer-focused; it is customer-comprehensible. (A perfect example of simplicity with real suave, is the search engine giant Google––it’s simple white homepage made waves for its basic qualities, but its success is essentially unparalleled today).  

Trust-building through simplicity: finely tuning a consumer-based approach

Speaking the customer’s language is not the only mandatory practice these days. Earning their trust and trustworthiness is another Holy Grail of competitive viability and long-term success. You need to seek it, and think about it, accordingly.

To stand out and become an apt consumer choice is a task that demands responsibility. When you are consistent and clear in your communication endeavors you gain serious ground in this area. (Plus, your creativity gets a real boost when you know what clicks with the customers). You don’t have to be simplistic, but do be simple enough to not only grab eyes and turn heads, but to lay an initial foundation for building a good, trust-cultivating rapport. I.e., by making things simple for your consumers, instead of posing as a complex puzzle, you can help your prospective clients with their decision making and secure your place in their minds as a reliable, trustworthy resource.

Simplicity as an end in itself: promoting customer retention

To entice a customer’s loyalty, you should focus on something comprehensive, but really straightforward––and, well, simple: a better customer experience.

When you give enough scope for your customers to understand what you’re communicating to them––not too much or too little––your credibility level soars. This keeps your customers coming back to you for the essentially obvious reason that they know what they’re getting. The “Trustworthy” will always be the familiar; it will recur again and again, especially in a dynamic (and at times confusing) world of endless marketing. They will, in turn, recommend you to more people and your visibility will receive even more of a facelift. Simplicity is so effective for building trust and rapport in this way that it will sustain retention through the only thing brands can’t really manufacture on their own: authentic customer loyalty. Simplicity is so effective that it should be treated as an end in itself, not merely a means.

Co-journeying with your customers from the pre- to post-purchase of your product/services is a consequential, positive factor. Removing the straining points of your website (and your customer support, product explanation, etc.), and polishing the skill of simplicity-in-practice, really can shift the wind in your sails, in the right direction, in no time. So choose simplicity with your business!

Written by Harsimran Kaur

What Is Web Presence and Why It Matters!

What Is Web Presence and Why It Matters!

First things first. Web presence, online presence, internet presence and virtual presence are all the same. Web presence simply means to be present in the online world and it is important to not be merely present, but become a vigorous force to enhance your company/website’s reach and make a difference.

When you know how it’s implications make your company shine you won’t neglect it. It helps your company don the avatar of a super influencing site or service that people can rely on and communicate freely with.

In simple words––the ability to make an impact on web viewers to make them aware that you provide solutions for them. A partner to bank upon, your virtual presence is a crucial factor for you to grow.

To Further Elaborate, It Is About Creating an Impact

To create a web presence in the mindset of your customer is of foremost importance. When you make use of explicit communication tactics (social media for example) and user friendly interfaces (proper call to action buttons on your landing pages or the sort), the ball gets rolling. It does not matter if you choose to market yourself through blogs, e-mail newsletters, etc. as long as you do it. When you are authoritative and clear to the public about your services/product, you soar higher.

Whether it’s word of mouth or an internet search, your credibility is dependent on your digital footprints. It is of little importance how you achieve it, but remains a decisive factor for you to have the required impact on the people on the net.

It’s About Being Reachable Qualitatively and Quantitatively

When you employ SEO, SMM, SMO or try to rank higher in SERP rankings, the online venues cannot benefit you if you are there to merely fill in the attendance register online. Search engines and other such parameters helping you to gain top rankings is of no use if you aren’t providing anything concrete. There will be no rate of conversion if you are there for the sake of being present online. The future ahead is going to penalise those websites who have nothing to provide to the customers, but rank on the top. On the contrary, if you are lost into oblivion in spite of having weight and are credible enough, you will still need to invigorate your online presence.

It’s About Being Present at the Right Places

If you have customized solutions but don’t know how to make people come to you, you lose half the battle right there. Your content management system is not going to be fruitful if you are not present at the right place at the right time. Whatever you may have strategized will nullify if you don’t know about your customer’s online habits. Say for example, you have a non-maintained Facebook page, your impression shall equate to that of a static website. Ergo, no leads, no viewer retention and no business growth.


I hope that clears the air around what contributes to your overall web presence and how important it is in today’s digital world. For further questions and help, please contact us!


Written by Harsimran Kaur

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